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The Devanagari Typeface Family
Sample: devanag.gif
Description: These Devanagari typefaces (TrueType Fonts) are designed for use with Sanskrit text. Along with the generation program below, it's quite easy to use in your favorite word processor. (Normal, Bold) (61KB)

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DevaWin - Devanagari Generator for Windows
Screen Shot: devawin.gif
Description: DevaWin is a small utility that allows you to easily generate Sanskrit Devanagari characters from the transliteration. You can select any Sanskrit text created using any of the diacritic fonts on the previous page or using the Sanskrit fonts used for European languages (Contact Ramakanta Dasa for information on those fonts.), copy the text to the clipboard, and convert it using this utility. The generated Devanagari is then available in the clipboard for pasting into your word processor. (14KB (16-bit) / 20KB (32-bit))

Download 16-bit (Windows 3.1+) Version
Download 32-bit (Windows 9x/NT) Version  UPDATED

DevaDos - Devanagari Generator for DOS
Description: This utility reads a MS-DOS text file (with diacritics in the IBM PC extended ASCII character set (See the description of DiacDos on the previous page.). It writes an RTF (Rich Text Format) file that can be imported into most word processors, publishing progams, etc. This program assumes the original text is formatted as verses. An example is included to get you started. (12KB)

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