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The Tamal Typeface Family
Sample: tamal.gif
Description: Tamal is the original TrueType Sanskrit-diacritic typeface. Along with the complementary DiacWin (also available here), it's the simplest way to use Sanskrit diacritic characters in your word processor, etc. The typefaces on this page use a character set designed for the greatest compatibility with various Windows and DOS software. Although the set includes some foriegn language symbols in addition to Sanskrit, it cannot be used for most European languages. The typeface used in Tamal is similar to TimesTen. (Normal, Italic, Bold, Bold-Italic) (133KB)

Due to licensing restrictions, I can no longer offer Tamal. Please download one of the other fonts below.

DiacWin - Diacritic Keyboard Filter for Windows
Screen Shot: diacwin.gif
Description: DiacWin is a tiny utility that stays in the background allowing you to easily type Sanskrit diacritic characters anywhere in Windows. You can have DiacWin start with your computer (it's inactive when run) and then use the hotkey to activate it when you need it. Even when active, though, it's quite unobtrusive. (5KB)

Download 16-bit (Windows 3.1+) Version
Download 32-bit (Windows 9x/NT) Version

Additional Text Typeface Families
 Download:  Sample:  Description:
Bhaskar bhaskar.gif
The Bhaskar typeface is similar to NewBaskerville. (N, I, B, BI) (120KB)
Drona drona.gif
The Drona typeface is similar to Dutch. (N, I, B, BI) (116KB)
Garuda garuda.gif
The Garuda typeface is similar to FuturaCondensed. (N, I, B, BI) (93KB)
Gaudiya gaudiya.gif
The Gaudiya typeface is similar to Goudy. (N, I, B, BI; plus Gaudiya-Display N, B, XB) (195KB)
Karuna karuna.gif
The Karuna typeface is similar to Courier. (N, I, B, BI) (95KB)

Decorative/Display Typeface Families
 Download:  Sample:  Description:
Bhimasena bhima.gif
The Bhimasena typeface is similar to Benguiat. (Bold) (29KB)
Gauranga gauranga.gif
The Gauranga typeface is similar to FormalScript. (Normal) (30KB)
Kunti kunti.gif
The Kunti typeface is similar to KuenstlerScript. (N, B) (71KB)
Kurma kurma.gif
The Kurma typeface is similar to Cooper. (B, BI) (62KB)
Uttama uttama.gif
The Uttama typeface is similar to UniversityRoman. (N) (29KB)
Yama yama.gif
The Yama typeface is similar to TempoHeavyCond. (B) (21KB)

DiacDos - Keyboard Filter and Screen Fonts for DOS
Description: DiacDos is a collection of TSR utilities allowing you to type and see Sanskrit diacritic characters in DOS. The filter works just like DiacWin. These programs are compatible with the above fonts and use the IBM PC extended ASCII characters, which most Windows programs can import or export as MS-DOS text. (5KB)

Download Now

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